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Roma Caput Mundi Songtext

Rise up eternity our destiny is at your feet
Blazing wonder you've got the future in your hands
Can you hear our screaming hail?
Spread your wings against the nightfall
Make real the creation of living space
Come back to throne over the mankind
And our arms will rise up high to the sun
Rome you'll be the queen of all skies
I feel myself part of the light
I need to feed on your might..
I'm dying for disrupt the chains
For the tomorrow of elected people that dream the victory
(bound to the empire of purity)
High fly eagle supremacy of divine race
Perpetual vision bless my life for dominate
Clear horizon of our flag
You're the bringer of the gold dawn
Amazing universe of power
Take my breath away by your lighting
And our blood will shine bright high over the world
Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
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Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Maren Wolf: Sie will unbedingt ein zweites Kind
Vor 6 Stunden
Maren Wolf: Sie will unbedingt ein zweites Kind
Centurion - Roma Caput Mundi
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