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Caught In The Act ? We Belong Together

You've got me hanging on your every word
I feel like I'm going out of my mind
Ever since nature gave you the breath of life
I know that your destiny lies with mine
You've got me singing loud on a rainy day
With you in my arms I'm staying outside
We're dealing with what could be the greatest
Love everlasting until the end of time

Like a dream with no end love is what I intend
A lifetime to spend only with you

We belong together
Like the blue sky on a summers day
We belong together oh that's what they say
How could there any other way?

You make me feel like a kid in a playground
I'm running on air and it's a long way down
Impossible to believe it could happen at all
I cherish the day when you came around

Though I try to pretend love is what I intend
Baby you see me over the edge

Nevre gonna leave you
Or ever try to deceive you
And if you believe that I mean what I say
Never gonna leave you
Or ever try to deceive you
I hope that you believe I do
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