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Do It for Love Lyrics

Yeah you know
I like your sweet touch
Your lovin' means so much
I like the way
You make me shiver

Let's do it for you
Let's do it for me
Let's do it for love
Let's do it for love

Some people say that love never pays
Livin' their lives
Never join the game
But I say
You've got to give it a chance
Got to make it happen
Got to make it to last

'Cos you know it and I know it
Love is what we're fighting for
It may take a little time
Just to get it right
All you've got to do is try

Let's do it fo ryou
Let's do it for me
Let's do it for all the family, come on
Let's get it right
Let's hold on thight
But most of all let's get together
Let's do it for love

I know sometimes
We lose our way
We're only human
We all make mistakes
It may not be written down
In black and white
But it's in our own hands
To keep the love alive

'Cos you know it and I know it
We've just got to learn
To get it right
Now the sooner we're together
We'll take on any wather
Nothing's gonna stand in our way

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