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Caught In The Act - Twist of Fate Songtext

Oh baby
It's our destiny
Twist of fate
It must have been our destiny

It seems like I've searching all my life
To find someone who fill this need inside
But then I turned around and there you were
And something in my head said
You're the one I've been waiting for

Twist of fate
You were meant to be with me
Twist of fate
It must have been our destiny

I've dreamed about this moment for so long
It's like I've always know that we belong
I can't believe the two of us are here
You know I must have searched around the world
For you girl


Now that you are here with me
It's so real
Oh I'm never gonna let you go
Gonna hold you, tough you, love you
All night long


Twist of fate
It must have been our destiny
I believe in you and me
Meant to be destiny

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