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Problem melden

Narrow Life Songtext
von Brehon

1.) I wake up with that feeling inside and I know that the compulsion is near
So I start to get up with these thoughts in my mind that a strenuous day's in front of me
And I try to avoid that the compulsion gets real, but I know in the past I lost this fight
So I walk in an unreal narrow street and I still search for the way out - in the light

2.) „Wash your hands a 100 times and walk 50 times through the door,
count until you reach the number of 1000 and collect everything you can get,
think your worst thoughts and begin to feel guilty, don't you know you're living in a cage,
the bars are made out of me: -the compulsion-, and I am still try to block your way“.

Can I face my problem? I have to!
Can I bear the feeling? I have to!
Or I'll loose...

Ref.: It says: „If you let me win, I'll be gone in a day“.
But I know that's a lie, the aim's to destroy me,
I try not to listen, but I will not run away ( no run away)...

„Cut off your chin 17 hours a day and try to tear out your dark-black hair,
lay in the bathtub for the whole day long, reconstruct in mind e'thing you've seen!
Are you sure that you turned out the light in your room, have you locked up the door in a correct way?
Never use a different way to your work ! Don't you know that causes a tradedy?“

Bridge: So it's a well known situation now, but how will I act?
The compulsion waits in my back
Wait to fade! I'll never give up!

Text und Musik: Dominik Nillies Bearbeitung: Brehon
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Brehon - Narrow Life
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