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Fools Dance Songtext
von Brehon

Fool's Dance

1.) Fool, can you dance? Start! It's your last chance.
Can you hear the music playing? It will follow you on your way.

2.) Dance as fast as you can, but please, don't expect any thanks.
It's your duty to make me laugh! If you'll fail, well that's your end.

Bridge: It's your destiny to come to me, to work in my factories,
to give up your private life, it's my money and silver, my glory and gold!
And this song will remain!

3.) Many fools tried it before, but I don't need them anymore.
They're burned out, I had enough, so I decided to kick them out.

4.) You have fear in your eyes? Life to work, everything's allright.
There's no space left for your own thoughts, follow me, follow my rules, I'm your boss!

Ref.: Once you are in, you can't get out, they will turn up the pressure to the top
you're a wheel inside their thoughts, money rules, power will push you down

5.) Can you hear the muffled sound? Can you imagine the hammer which is falling down.
I want to make you dull and sad, fear you have to eat, it's your daily bread.

6.) Empty eyes I want to see, cries without a sound I want to hear.
Now, your dance is over, please lock up the door when you're outside!

Bridge: Thru a field of roses, I walked with you in my dreams,
I was holding your hand and then your face disappeared in that new world…

Text und Musik: Dominik Nillies Bearbeitung: Brehon
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Brehon - Fools Dance
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