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Blind Guardian - Another Holy War Songtext

I am god
The only one
I will bring back
Freedom to your heart
You won't believe
That blind can see
No one else before me ever knew
The way to paradise
For another bloody crime
I shall return

I am your light on through the night

Why am I born
Will I fail to rise again
Another crucifixion for
Another holy war
Can't stop what's going on

Sooner or later you must understand
My words bring freedom
And rescue for man
What else,
To call me your Messiah
Oh, I wish there could be another way
Cross and nails are already prepared
My sell out
Waits till I'm crucified
I will die before my vision ends



Wait for the dawn
To take me away
What will be if I fail
Another golden calve
Never, never ending
Pain and agony
Hit me, nail me make me god

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