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Turn It up [feat. Ja Rule] Lyrics


Ashanti - Turn It up [feat. Ja Rule] Songtext

Intro (Jim Kendrix):
Feel real good right here
This is your boy Jimmi Kendrix
Family Business

Ja Rule & Lloyd:
Ashanti what up, Baby (what up Baby)
You ready to go, you ready to do this
Let's do in this club and tear it up
Now I need everybody (oh)
Put your drinks down (get off your feet)
Get off the wall ( put your drinks down)
Stop tryin to be cool (stop tryin to be cute)
And let's get the party started
You heard me
You heard (c?mon, c?mon, c?mon)
Here we go, c?mon

Chorus (Ashanti):
We're gonna party through tonight (turn it up)
Don't you wanna drink and dance tonight (oh)
Don't try to be too cute tonight (gotta loosen up)
Let the beat drop, and make you feel it
Ooooooh, do free

1st Verse (Ashanti):
I got to find out that nothing make me feel good tonight (oh)
Oh so good tonight (oh, oh, oh)
Got my girls with me
We gon tear down this thing tonight
(down this thing tonight? oh, oh, oh)

All my ladies looking hot to death and sweatin them things
Right to meltin? everybody in the place just got that look up
On they face
Oh what a beautiful body let sweat off her body
So here's what I do
I (turn it up)


2nd Verse (Ashanti):
I just feel like I
Like I could float on up to the sky (oh)
And come back feelin right (oh oh oh)
This is something I usually don't do but I just might (oh)
Get with you tonight ( oh oh oh)



3rd Verse (Ja Rule):
Ni**as loosen up (hey, yey, yay)
And button down you button up
See the joint in the club
Let's tear the club up (oh)
It gets just tat hot in here
Cool me down prayin? O.J. and Belvedere
Over the rocks while the crowds rockin
Everybody's rollin like we live from Woodstock (oh oh)
Let's all toast to the highest and utmost the Rule
And everybody with the 2 step (get up dance)
And all my gangsters that don't dance (lean back)
Cuz this is gangsatfied so it's justified
We all wanna party with Rule tonight
Any ladies that can fute the 9, send em my way
I'll show em how to loosen up, get in a cardale
Move, baby the name is RULE
Ni**a I-N-C (oh)

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