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Yo, I park my ride on the left side.
Iìm feelin'kind a-ight cause I know that my ass is gonna get drunk tonight. A quick look in the bakkyard,my boys are all there... So hi fives everywhere. A well known smell from the inside (OOOH! ), who got that endo? I wanna know whereìs the 4- 2- 0!!! Cuzìthe better the weed, the harder we party. A beer, a blunt and a glass of bacardi, yo ! Itìs all good, but something's not right... Thirty men in here but no girl in sight. The bell rings, there's someone at the door... And now iìm lookin'at a girl that iì've never ever seen before! Thatìs the hottest thing for shure... A ring in her lip and a tattoo on her elbow. Ronne braz.whatìcha gonna do? I better go and relax and get myself another brew !

Whooo! Ey yo, this chikk is the bomb yaìll !
Whooo! Ey yo, this chikk is the bomb !

Someboy tell me what her name is...
Somebody tell me what the number of this dame is.
Does she got a man, or is she creepin'on a solo- tip?
Just take a look at her hips. I tried to likk my lips..
But my tounge seemed to weigh a ton...
Yo, there's gotta be a way to talk to her, ron!
Yo,itìs easier said than done, but if I don't find out who she is, then I loose my mind. So come on baby,we gotta talk... Yo, itìs too noisy in here, so letìs go outside for a walk. My dawgs smiled as we passed...and deee said. ?Did a nice job, mr.braz!!! ? we're straight headin' for my car...and I thank the lord that my way ain't that far. Mister brasko's on a mission... And I will show this girl what itìs like to go fishing!!!

Whooo! Ey yo, this chikk is the bomb yaìll !
Whooo! Ey yo, this chikk is the bomb !

Ronnie and this chikk on their way to knokk boots....
Yo, two wikked minds on their way to get loose....
One load of sperm s gettin' out of control...

Yo, she's the bomb!
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