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The Levee Broke Songtext

Woke up Monday morning
And I saw it on TV.
High water flowing
In the streets of New Orleans

Called up the President,
Called up in Baton Rouge,
But all they said was the levées done broke
And there ain't nothing they could do.

The levee broke way down in Plaquemine,
The levee broke down in a Montegut,
Seems like the whole damn world is sinking,
I must be sinking too.
Somebody call out a warning,
Somebody come to my rescue,
Looks like I'm gonna have to start swimming,
If I want to make it back to you.

John Breaux said it
Time and time and again.
If we don't stop this Coastal Erosion,
We're all gonna fall right in.

I see it happening
Each and every day,
It's just like ole Randy Newman said
We all gonna wash away.

My old papa said it,
Sometimes you gotta take what you can get.
But if you love something and you want to keep it,
Better treat it with respect.

Seven generations,
Stuck here in the mud,
But the only way that I'll be leaving Louisiana
Is if I'm swept away in a flood.

The levee broke
Way down in Plaquemine
Way down in Lakeview
Way over to the 9th ward
Way down in St. Bernard
Way over in Gentilly
Way down in Arabi
Down in Pointe à la Hache
Way down in Belle chasse
Way down in New Orleans.
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Zachary Richard - The Levee Broke
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