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Ted plans to become a successful musician. First, he needs Susan to loan him money for a new guitar Susan suggests that Ted bake cookies to earn the money.
Susan: You're in good spirits today, Ted.
Ted: I've got great news, Mom.
Susan: What is it?
Ted: Amber and I are going to start a rock band!
Susan: Good for you!
Ted: Mom, I'm not going to beat around the bush. I need to borrow $1, 000 for a new guitar.
Susan: Ted, your father and I can't shell out that much. We aren't made of money.
Ted: You're not? I thought you were millionaires, like Donald and Ivana Trump!*
Susan: Ha ha. This is no time to be a wise guy!
Ted: I promise I'll pay you back.
Susan: How?
Ted: We're going to take the music world by storm and make lots of money.
Susan: That sounds like a pipe dream. Aren't high school rock bands a dime a dozen?
Ted: Yeah, but we're different. With my guitar playing and Amber's beautiful voice, we're sure to make a splash!
Susan: Well, we're going through hard times. You're going to have to work for that $1, 000.
Ted: How?
Susan: You can bake cookies.
Ted: I bet Mrs. Clapton never made Eric** bake cookies, but I guess those are the breaks.
* Donald Trump is a famous American millionaire who made his money in real estate. Ivana is his ex-wife.
** Eric Clapton is a very popular guitarist.
Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
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Céline Dion: Große Vorfreude auf ihr Bühnen-Comeback
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