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Yo Yo's Night Songtext
von Yo-Yo

(Verse 1)
(Warren G) If they wanna be down...
(Yo Yo) With the west coast underground
Bring it on, but don't take too long
Cause Mamma always says "study long, study wrong"
Study wrong, it's the same ol' song
Don't sleep, cause the technique got you all wondering why
Yo Yo is so fly...
>From Chicage to the bay, I keep it all rockin'
All work and no play keeps Yo Yo paid
Late night on your TV news
Back up at eight bustin' interviews
My daily MO, is in and out of Limo's
Rollin' to the tale with a purse full of demos
Uh, Yo Yo is in the plis-ace
Bustin' all in yo' fis-ace
I got nothing but the biz on you, so here I gis-o
Yo Yo is in the S-I-X so come and get some

Well this is Yo Yo's night, the crew is rollin' tight
Well this is Yo Yo's night, we came to party
Welcome to Yo Yo's night, where the crowd is hype
Welcome to Yo Yo's night, it's time to party

(Verse 2)
LA, yeah, glad to be hella-home
Ring-ding-a-ling-a-ling goes my telephone
What's up Lyte, I know you cram to understand this
I puffed a bag of fume as soon as I landed
I'm runnin' late why don't you meet me at my condo
I'm rollin' down Venice on my way to Riando
You know the place where everybody kick it
I'm skatin' all day, it's got the roofs vibrating
The party don't start till I walk in
Everybody 'bout, Yo where you been?
Hell' in my busines hush your mouth
And get your feet up off my couch, check it out
Ain't no party like a Yo oY party
The gin is free, the hennesay is everybody
You wanna hit it, c'mon now admit it
I know you're wit' it, don't stop, get it, get it
Get the bump from the back or the front
Casue I can break it down like whatever you want
You may be smooth, but not as large as me
See when you come into my party, ain't no charge it's free


(Verse 3)
What's up Dady? You wanna mack it right?
I'm thinkin' maybe, cause you're not the Khaki type
But you's a player, you wanna holler at me later
You got the boots made of aligator
You wanna know my secrets but you won't tell me nothin'
I only got your beeper number so you think I'm frontin'
But I know your kind, play me like a Honda
You know it's Yo, but you callin' me Yolanda
I be the one that you want to hang around wit'
You want some Brandy "How can I be down?" shit
Cause you's small time, wanna see the queen rise
Get between my thighs, cause I got the green eyes
So c'mon, and do what you feel
Got the brew on chill, with the sex on the grill
I see the women they be swimmin' in my pool
Enough to make you drool, but slow down fool
This ain't no peep show, don't try and creep slow
Thick like tree-trunk, with my G-Funk people
So Warren where you at?
(Warren G) More bounce in the back
With my hands in the air and it's like that (Yeah!)

(Chorus) till fade...
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Yo-Yo - Yo Yo's Night
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