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One for the Cuties Songtext
von Yo-Yo

(Chrous - Yo Yo & MC Lyte)
One for the cutie, two for the cutie with the big D...
One for the cutie, two for the cutie with the big D...
One for the cutie, two for the cuite with the big D
Three for the cutie with the big D with money
You got it goin' on honey
Now we'd just like to know how low can you go?

(Verse 1)
(Lyte) I keep 'em on lock down, but I gets around
He can tie me up I be damned to let him tie me down
Doin' what I like, when I want, where I please
Keep a nigga in check, cause they be in my cheese
(Yo Yo) Yeah I know what you mean, my nigga's on some ol' mafia shit
He need a gangsta chick, he love to trick
But I be damned if I let him play me
He'll be home and I beleive me, he know this bitch'll get crazy
(Lyte) Yeah, I can recall havin' to haul off and slap a punk
Named Sam who tried to play me like a chump
But for real though, you can't be too slow
When you messin' wit' them quick, slick, trickin' negroes
(Yo Yo) Well uh... If I get done I'ma come like the mackstrees
It's the Y O to the Y O tell 'em jack this
Always talkin' 'bout he'll never leave ya
Only wanna please ya, down on your bend-n'knees-a


(Verse 2)
(Yo Yo)Uh, baby had body like nobody I know
I don't know how he thought he was fadin' Yo Yo
(Lyte) Is that so? I couldn't tell, he looked thick as hell
Semmed like he'd break the bars off a jail cell
(Yo Yo) Well Lyte you don't know how wrong you are
You see the nigga was so fat he couldn't fit in my car
But it's all love, I ain't trippin'
I just booted his ass and kept dippin', listen
(Lyte) Well now, me, myself, I like 'em tall slim and slender
Keepin' me warm with hot sex in the winter
Cause out the door, is like a freezer
In-a my house I keep 'em warm like a heater
(Yo Yo) Well... I like 'em nice and thick, with more dollars than sense
Don't need releationships, just true to this
I want a man that's taller, a shot-caller
Like a baller, instead of a yes-yes-y'aller


(Verse 3)
(Lyte) Rain or shine, I'ma get mine without no delay
I keep 'em on reserve and take 'em off of the display
Treat him like a Doc', better believe he's on call
And when I hit him on the headpiece like yes-yes-y'all
(Yo Yo) I remember wakin' up with this cuties in bed
The last words he said was 'Don't forget to call me'
Damn, I shouldn't have did it, now I ain't with it
I hope he wasn't lookin' for a commitment, damn
(Lyte) I keeps it on the real, baby I moves slow
And if you ready to push in the bush then you gots to go
On the first date, brother you gots to wait
And it's worth your while, some say I'm the all time great
(Yo Yo) Well... I treat 'em like fleas on my collar
Pick 'em by the hour, cutie with big D's and dollars
Dressed in Versace or Polo, you never know
Question is, how low can you really go?


(Yo Yo & MC Lyte)
Oen for the cutie, two for the cutie
Three for the cuties with the big D's and money
One for the cuite, two for the cutie with the big D...
One for the cutie, two for the...
Three for the... Oh yeah
One for the money, two for the cutie
And three for the cuties, and the money with the...
The everything, with everything that it takes, (Ha ha ha)
We need a cutie with big D and money
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Yo-Yo - One for the Cuties
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