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So Funky Songtext
von Yo-Yo

So funky, so funky...
So funky, so funky...

(Verse 1)
I can write a million rhymes and wrap em up in funky rhymes
I'm true to the game, and I ain't ashamed to spit mine
I'm wild but yet lady like, and trickin' ain't me
But if I ever have to trick so a nigga won't trick me
Been doin' what I doin' for years I'm like a pro at this
See can't nobody flow with this, so many people know of this
What I gotta do is let em know (Okay, okay)
My middle name is un-fadable
Now I've done had friends who were my friends untill they played me
Runnin' in my face so they don't know what to say to me
Wanna be down with my posse, instead'a tryin' to knock me
I wonder why they even jock me
It's all there everyday, I think I paved the way
But what can I say, I wish they'd just stay away
Fight the power, what I'm feelin' can you feel it yet?
I'd rather fihgt than let them see me sweat... Funky...


(Verse 2)
I have to do what's best for me cause people are out to get me
I'm kickin' it for the ladies and the brothers think I'm crazy
I'm trapped in this game again, don't know where I'm goin'
They peekin' at me like a bully, I guess I got to show 'em
Livin' kinda large there you called Mr Wealthy
Got you livin' in a cage but you don't care cause you're paid
So raise up off the prozac, tryin' to make a come-back
I diss 'en in a minute cause I'm a woman and I can do that
A born rapping lunatic, I'm proud and on the woman's tip
Pushin' and stompin' all the punks who wanna get with this
Down with IBWC or should I say it's down with me
Wanna say what's up to the posse...
Some haven't heard of me, but my voice is still strong
Thinking I can prove 'em wrong cause I fight the steady hold on
Back in the days was some rough stuff, tryin' to play tough
But I couldn't get enough, sometimes I had to bomb-rush
No-one could understand me, said I grew just too fast
Living wild, wouldn't last, that made... mad
Cause they don't really know me, they just know the other side
Couldn't see my pride, but now it's world-wide

(Chorus till fade...)
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Yo-Yo - So Funky
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