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Yo-Yo - How Can I Be Down Songtext

How can I be down with you, baby boo
How can I be down, I be down, with you (x2)

(Verse 1)
(Yo Yo) What's up baby can I have this moment to speak
Like I told you my flava's so sweet you can eat
(Ruff Dogg) Shit, feel my heart beat
Plus you got my meat, harder than concrete
(Yo Yo) Well don't be shy, slide me the number to your pis-ager
I see that you a player with them four plaits in your hair
(Ruff Dogg) Oh yeah, you got it, put it in your pocket
Ain't no use to me frontin' I'ma stop it
(Yo Yo) Oh is that right, I love a young tender
I'll give you something to remember, enter
(Ruff Dogg) My life and soul it seems
Damn Y-O, you just don't know what you doin' to me
(Yo Yo) Poppy, what I'm doin', what you mean?
I've been this way ever since I was thirteen
(Ruff Dogg) I feel like a king so where's my crown
(Both) What's up baby boo how can I be down?


(Verse 2)
(Ruff Dogg) Let's parlé, we canhave beautiful times together
Make love to old music and make beautiful rhymes together
(Yo Yo) So let's do whatever's clever, baby boo
They say we can't mix business with pleasure
(Ruff Dogg) Oh but however, never say never
The love that I show, Y-O, you's best-ts treasure
(Yo Yo) So poppy, you really wanna be down
I'll be your queen, and here's your cris-own
(Ruff Dogg) You can be the 10, and I'll be the 9
And if I was from Oakland I'd say you was hella fine
(Yo Yo) Hey Ruff, you kinda cool, and I like your flow
And plus I want some brown sugar like I was D'Angelo
(Ruff Dogg) So let's come together, like cheeks
I'm down to ride, the new Bonnie & Clyde
(Yo Yo) Well get it where you want it, baby I like your sound
What's up Ruff Dogg, how can I be down?


(Verse 3)
(Yo Yo) So, you won't be playin' no games with me (No)
I wanna keep it real and raise a family?
(Ruff Dogg) See Yo, I know how you feel
We could have a couple of kids and lounge with a couple of Mill
(Yo Yo) I mean look, you're kinda cool you make me giggle and laugh
How many kids you wanna have?
(Ruff Dogg) A whole stash, having moet bubble baths
Nothing but good love up to grab
(Yo Yo) I wan't a boy and girl, so we can kick it tough
A little Y-O, and plus a little Ruff
(Ruff Dogg) See it's all cool, we can do what you wanna do
Meeting a freak like you is something I always wanted to do
(Yo Yo) Look baby you know me, I ain't shy
Flossy green eyes and I want you cause you're so fly
(Ruff Dogg) See brother's playa-hatin' the flow
Can't see Ruff Dogg messin' with Y-O to the Y-O
(Yo Yo) Tell them niggas get in where they fit in coz I got mine
And you can be down baby all the time
(Ruff Dogg) I wanna be down (That's Right)
I can't get clowned (That won't happen baby)

(Chorus till fade...)
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