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Problem melden

Till the End Songtext

So now we got the skills to calm you down real quick
Then make you fucking bouncing to an insane beat
We not Limp, so better shut the fuck up,
Cause I'm full of all that bullshit coming out from punks.
It's no more fun to see you shitting on Xyloone.
If you can't make a rhyme so what should I do?
I was a clown in school and now look in my side.
I've made it from the ground right to the sky.
Now I see all that people that you used to laugh at my rap
Licking up my ass just to get some scrap
Of what we've done, but I ain't selling my soul
I just give you substance you have to try to build your thoughts on.

And I am not waiting for something
And I've already felt a lot of pain
But I still got headphones on me
And I'll be in this beat till the end of the days

Come and take a good look at this, motherfucker,
Cause I'm full of you talking shit on me, motherfucker!
I came into this world with a certain plan
With my head full of lyrics and a mic in my hand
You're blaming my band cause we got our way up.
And you can't make a rhyme that gonna freak ?em all out.
Better shut up, I ain't coping one's style
I gotta my own head with my own prejudice.
And all you fucking punks, I know your problem now
This is the jealousy that is freaking you out.
Be so kind and just escape from my mind
Out of my way cause now it's Xyloone time?


And there is still light in my eyes? and words in my head
And every time I get up someone pushes me down
Right from my heaven back to the crowd

If you hear me then this stuff already
Is bombing in your boom-box lyrically fanatically
We're mixing up rap and rock incredibly
Leaving up behind all their child insanity.
It's no more time; it's no way to turn back
It's just one though coming up to my head
It's just one way to let them recognize
That this is something they were waiting all the time!

Like that? We gonna bring you all down!
Like that? Then make you fucking jump!
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Xyloone - Till the End
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