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Look up to the sky with the black clouds of pain
Something we've built up, we destroy it ourselves
Tell me, do you feel the pain when you see mama's eyes
Full of tears when her 3 years old child die.
Do we fight for freedom, we just conquer the World
All our leaders are insane, all our soldiers are gone
To fight for someone, who forgot about them
20 years old sons are going straight to death

This is the judgemet day (This world is going crazy)
This is the fucking Apocalips (There's nothing more to save here)

All that planes falling down, trains full of TNT
Rivers floating the cities and dead bodies everywhere
What do you see on your TV is that another one is gone
People are marching for the shit they don't understand at all
The meaning of the words, they think it's pretty cool
To be against the system their fathers gave lifes to
There's nothing more to lose but still we have a chance
To give our children the life we never had


They all try not to mention this story
But if they do, then show it as a part of a glory
All the media stations are sold to the heads
And no one realy cares if another one is dead
Why, why, why... What the fuck!
All of you are going crazy
Everyone is going crazy
Break me down, break me down
No, you won't break me down... till I'm gone
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