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I pull up to the scene smoking better than whoever there
I don't give no fuck bout how she feel she can't come over here
We too live at the show you don't believe me walk up into here
I'm too excellent I light a blunt and I ain't passing it... now they mad
I can't give no fuck cuz I don't know ya man
I've been eating good making moves with my own clique
Country wide tour we ain't sign no damn
Deal man
Nigga you can do it just look up to your direction and do it up
Man I hate a bitch who ask where I was
I look back at her and told that bitch she need to lighten up
Every time you see me I got 1, 2, 3, 4, plenty blunts
Now she all up on me talking bout I need to give her one
What you want? I ain't got shit for you ho go buy you some
I will not commercial be a come up boy for anyone
Leave it up to me I'll send defeat to him or anyone
We gon keep on shining like we tryna beat the fucking sun
You Bitch
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