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East Memphis Maniac Lyrics

When I'm in Memphis I be chillin' smokin' plenty blunts and they know I'm juiced up too I'm a hydration-er
Brothers say "keep Switching Cities Boy You Out There Cutting Up" I'm confused are you a damn rapper or a vacationer
You can keep yo bitch cuz I ain't into her, but when she reach for me you need a leash for her
Lil Maril keep the volume at the maximum Colin in Maxima and when he stop the car these hoes look at us
First rule that she learn is she can not touch unless I give approval let me only say this once
And no bitch I don't wanna meet yo ass for brunch,(How Come?)
Cuz what the fuck is brunch why yeen just say lunch (Damn)
I don't know why these hoes think they fancy or something (Meneither)
I let her hit the blunt now she a different woman (So true)
You see these east Memphis boys with some loot around them but hush hush we keep that down on the lower level
I know bail is the last word I'm spelling (me too) I just say fuck these damn police I walk up and tell them
I got my Squad around the yard I call that surveillance, when I swing he hit the ground like he trying to be Elvis
Don't take me for no fool I'll leave whoever clueless (whoever)
I repeat myself a lot cuz you niggas need to know it
And I don't give no fuck bout what whoever doin (Bitch)
I'm gon smoke this weed by myself while I keep it movin
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