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Xavier Rudd - Land Rights Songtext

Because it was secret,
Because it was home,
Becuase these were feelings from so long ago.
We listen to the sprit, came up strong,
We all pulled together to sing this song.
This is how they did it,
With spears by their side,
Stood on the mountain for their land rights,
All the people noticed.
Movement took flight,
They said this is our home,
These are our rights,

Oooo, this is our home these are our rights.

Country it was taken,
Land, our god,
Families were broken,
Spirits were crushed,
The language that was silenced,
Still free to be past,
The cup that was empty is slowly filling up.
So we can pull together show our children in this time,
You see, 'cause this is our home these are our rights.
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