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Crying Songtext

So few words I have left to say
Now that I know you've gone away
All I have is a memory of you and me
And what needs to be
Every time that I think of you
Deep down inside it's true
I keep wondering what went wrong
'Cause in my heart you belong and I am...

Crying, hurting inside over you
I am crying alone and blue
Don't you know that I am dying
To be with you instead of crying

Oh, all the yesterdays we shared
Are in the past like you've never cared
Now that time has passed us by
Thoughts of you make me wonder why
Oh, and...

Since you've been gone no one
Can take your place
Next and all alone my heart's
An empty space
I long for that day you'll come
Back to me
Oh, God I pray that you will, till then I am
Crying, oh...
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Xavier Naidoo - Crying
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