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Bitte Frag' Mich Nicht Lyrics

Please don't ask me

Please do not ask me what is wrong with me,
And if I still love you.
If that is all whats left,
I will take the farewell letter.

It is unfortunately true, I was not often enough with you.
But I never did like it, I would rather be close than far away.
Because I love you, why do you think I do not.
Why you not trust me and why you not even look into my face.


Do you think I like to let you alone, I would rather be with you
You know exactly, it will not work, because there are things on the emergence,
I've planned, you will see, then everything is good again.
Despite your sadness, your anger, in spite of your sadness, your anger


No, I do not search for a fight, I want can look into your eyes.
You say you still love me and that you hope for my insight.
Then you better let me go, I will not stand in your way
I better let you go, I will not stand in your way.
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