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Wu-Tang Clan - Hollow Bones Songtext

Yeah, aiyo what's goin on man?
Yo man, everything is everything
Just get that CREAM right, for real man
You know what we strivin for man, we got
We got family members on
Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo

High potence sometime, smoke a bag of black and feel the vibe
Born to be wise, be form on the rise, they caught a mean five
Loungin disguise, throw on ya slides
Young niggas races, smokers is basic
You seen the eyes layin up, playin the cut, what stay in the
Somethin told me duck, foldin me up
My shoulder struck, outta luck, fuck the potter's up
Fell in a daze like a Gellata snuff, niggas try to body me up
I'm in the lobby bleedin, niggas in the rentin off
Is probaly eatin, and sprintin, and beefin
When they heard the shots, call the precint
And seen Barbanise's beast, and niggas shot Shallah features
And shot thru his allices, been despite, call his creatures
I'm gaggin and flaggin the cab down
Guess who in Benz waggin, draggin my sound now
Mackin it was Dell Preety, the greedy
Conivin ass snake genie, copped with a bikini
Who murder Tosh and Benini
I'm feelin weezy in the drain from the cheeba greevin
Ain't even lookin decenticy, and police niggas reachin

"Let's flash against my Hollow Bones, that rocks my..."

[Inspectah Deck]
Fleein the crime scene speedin
Beepin leavin behind CREAM, not even peepin that I was leakin
Won't see the precent, just got a recent case beaten
Still jakes is creapin, don't blow ya spot
Stay the week in, keep the rugger peelin, who's squealin
Few knew the dealin, keep's the steal concealed in
Cuz we got no time for feelings, eyes on the building
Gones on ya corners illin
Million dollar block villain plottin on a killing feel like
A superhero, talkin like a true DeNiro
They boost his ego, found him broke down, reduced to zero
Cops filled reports, hopin I revail my source, source

"Let's flash against my Hollow Bones, thats rocks my soul,
Owww, owww"

[Ghostface Killah]
Outside the check cashin, flashin
Dipped in fashion, five cherry face faggots tried to cash in
They keep laughin, Ghost, you get your face bashed in
Who gave you these priviliges son, why you maxin and
We f-f-fiendin to t-take those, move slow
I'm hearin how you broke Rob's nose
And I heard you keep on bangin hammer
Gold and brass, diamonds and bordareys
That was stolen, that you haven't reported, G
Make very little noise, my shit hic-up
Don't make this big stick up, big up, me and the boys
I thought for a second then chose, rather than froze
Had the gem star in my hand, yo, what the fuck yo?
That's when I ripped Timothy, snatch and dip
Germ lightin bag over, had the many ax to him
Fax Tim, shots rang off, bing, boggely, dong

"Let's flash against my Hollow Bones..."

[Outro: kung fu sample]
The sword, it's the best weapon of all
Two sharp edges and a long spine
The blade is very thin and it's easy damaged, you'll remember
The vital thing is the point
Pay special attention to it
Your life could depend on it
Im Trend
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Til Schweiger in tiefer Trauer um Lunas Ex-Freund
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