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We call him Yella, he is the best
He rocks the house on the DMX
When he's on the beatbox, he cannot miss
So listen to the beat, as he rocks like this...
Yes, Yella is his name, and he's created
The big beat sound, so devastated
Party people in the place, you beware of the shock
Cos Yella (Yella) Yella is on the beatbox, huh!
To feel the beat, it's time for you
To rock with the devastatin' Wreckin Cru
You got snare, hi-hat and bass in your face
So come on Yella boy, let's wreck this place, huh!
The headlines read "We are in Town"
The World Class Cru is gonna throw down
We are here, and here to stay
And we came to raise hell, and not to play
As we grow stronger, you get weaker
Sucker MC put your ear to the speaker
There is no doubt that we are best
We don't have to scratch just to make the beat fresh
The beat will blast and we'll outlast
There is no other that's in its class
It's not a 808 or a Drum-u-lator
It's a DMX and it is greater
It makes a sound that's so unique
Huh! To rock your butt and move your feet
Now sucker MC's we will impress
Cos Yella (Yella) Yella on the DMX, huh-huh!
Party people in the place, we're not through
We're gonna show just what we're gonna do
So listen up close and don't miss a word
Cos it is the hardest rap you ever heard
Like a blast from heaven, a blaze from hell
Who's comin' on the mic? Well, it's Cli-n-tel
So sucker MC's, you better beware
Cos I will be your next nightmare
Yes, I am fresh, the MC wizard
When it comes to cold raps, huh, I'm a blizzard
Well, I'm the genius, the mastermind
Super def creator of MC rhymes
So come a little closer and you will see
Who? The Cli-n-tel's in the place to be
Now comin' on the mic without delay
A little "Bom bom bom"... It's Dr Dre
I'm the physician who's gonna start dishin'
All them things that you've been missin'
If it's for answers that you have been fishin'
Take a bite of this for your nutrition
I'm the real doctor, that is final
All you other suckers are made of vinyl
I won the election to issue injections
To who? Sucker MC's who wish for perfection
Next in line there's Lonzo
Producer of the groove, grandmaster of the show
The head debater, there is none greater
Because he is the Cru's creator
You put us all together, you've got the best
While Yella throws down on a DMX, huh-huh!
Robert Geiss: Aus der Pizzeria geworfen!
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Robert Geiss: Aus der Pizzeria geworfen!
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Rag’N’Bone Man: Kein One-Hit-Wonder

Album Rapped in Romance (1986)

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