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Love Letters Songtext

Girl I sit here
With my pen in my hand
Tryin' to write words
To help you understand

The way I need you
'Cause darling I miss you so
Being away from you
Really makes my feelings grow

And I hope
When I'm with you once again
You prove to be
My very best friend

'Cause being away from you
Aw girl has made me discover
That for me (naw)
There is no other
(I miss you)

Boy these words you've written on the stage
Sends my poor heart rushing into a rage
I can't wait til' you finally arrive
You'll see how well our love has survived
I miss you

I hear absence makes the heart grow fonder
But please girl
Don't let my absence make your heart wander
Girl, I'll make you a promise
And what I say is true
If you promise to wait on me
I promise to wait on you
I miss you

I promise to be
Your only girl
I'll be the only one
To rock your world
Just rush on home
Straight to me
And I'll show you
How great I can be
I miss you baby
Oooo I miss you baby
Oooo hooo
Won't you hurry on home
Cause I'm so all alone
Umm humm mmmm

I've been gone a long time
And I've been to many places
I've eaten strange foods
And I've seen many strange faces
But there's no place on God's earth
That I'd rather be
Than in your bed
With you holding me
I miss you

I'm your woman
And You're my man
I'll always be there
To hold your hand
I'll stand beside you
Win or fail
I'll walk beside you
Through heaven or hell
I miss you baby

In closing this letter
I want one thing understood
I'd love to be home for you baby
If I could
I'd start walking tonight
If I could get there any faster
Sincerely yours Alonzo
The World Class Grand Master
And yes I miss you

Before you go
I have one thing to say
Just say the word
And I'll meet you half way
Baby what I'm saying
Comes straight from my heart
This world's not big enough
To keep us apart
No no oooooo hooo
Hooo hooo
Come back to me baby
Ooooo hoooo
Won't you hurry, hurry on home
Oooo hooo
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Vor 2 Tagen
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Yeliz Koc: Keine weiteren Kinder?
Vor 18 Stunden
Yeliz Koc: Keine weiteren Kinder?

Album Turn Off the Lights (1991)

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World Class Wreckin Cru - Love Letters
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