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Sex Religion Machine Songtext

Remove your veils babe...

If I had possession
Of the secrets of your soul
I could satisfy, glorify
Your body and your mind
Of, I feel love, babe
I like your look
Funky rhythm
Baby, take it all the way

Heigh, ho, silver
She's a long, blonde, loaded gun
A spirit of ice until the evening comes
Then you hypnotize, tantalize and
Lay it on the line

And your body tastes like fire and ice
With another push
I'm gonna... get it inside

Sex religion
Sex religion machine
Let me feel your body burn

And your body's glowin'
Brighter than the day- yeah
I feel love, babe
I love your tender ways
Wicked woman
Let me- let me- let me
Let me love ya best
... My sexy, sexy child

Bridge and chorus

...It's judgement day, babe
Get ready...

Get it inside, get it inside
Get it inside
Oh honey (child), gimme your best
Til Schweiger: War es doch ein Verbrechen?
Vor 3 Stunden
Til Schweiger: War es doch ein Verbrechen?
Mel C und Chris Martin performen im Duett
Vor 1 Stunde
Mel C und Chris Martin performen im Duett

Album Life Among the Ruins (1993)

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Virgin Steele - Sex Religion Machine
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