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Blood and Gasoline Lyrics

Another night on the Highway, smell of hate in the air
Another Season of knowing that there's nobody there
So you race down the runway, leaving hope on the rails
With a spike in your memory and the marks of the nails

Gold and silver shed a light that's blinding hot and cold
You're bleeding, you're bleeding
Red and flowing like a wine for crying young or old
Like blood and gasoline

As you rust in the mirror, as your face starts to go
You can count every mile on your barren soul
In the scream of the engine, sing your final song
Blackened and burned what was young and strong


Faster and faster a nightmare we ride
Who'll take the reins when the miracle dies
Faster and faster till everything dies
Killing is our way of keeping alive

Another night on the Highway, Blood and Dust in the air
New disease or addiction that brings that hip Death Stare
In the media madness where they proclaim you a King
First they crown and annoint you
Then makc you dance on a string
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Album The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Part One (1994)

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