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Nazi Inside My Head Lyrics

Wells there's this nazi inside my head and he tells me that he wants to
See the Jews all dead and everywhere he looks he sees red, redder
Than the fathers of the fatherland shed, he's sick and he's fed up to
Here...and all he wants to do is drink German beer and dance with a
Beautiful aryan maiden.
Hitler's inside my brain and my generic rhyming just drives him
Insane, lives everyday without pain, without any struggle, without any
Strain. Never thinks twice as he lies...loves you up and down his beady
Little eyes, doesn't give a damn who lives or dies
Hess lives on in my skull, and he couldn't care less when his fat belly's
Full, just whose heads will roll, as long a he's in full control of
Everything under the long as he stays the big #1 and gets to
Hide out in Argentina when the war is over.
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