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Van Langen - War Boots Songtext

Send me a letter or sing me a song if you think, you've got me,
you sure got me wrong! Go feed your pussy, feed it with me,
go feed your puyys, feed it with me.

My Rock N' Roll war boots -,
kick your ass and your techno dance shoes,
I fill them up with my piss.

I'm your Doctor Bondage and You are my slave,
I'll take you with me to an early grave. I've got your number,
I dial it for free it's a 1800 I call you dont call me!

My Rock N' Roll war boots.......

Spread your legs wide open and let me in them eat my cum,
while I scratch your skin -
you say this tast for you is best liquor,
over your tits, all over your hair.

My Rock N' Roll war boots.......
Send me a letter I'm still here in jail,
I feel so alone in my prison cell, send me a letter,
as soon as you can, I hear them coming to put me to hell.

My Rock N' Roll war boots.......
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