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Van Langen - Bitchin'past Songtext

I met you at my station in a sleazy part of town
I've seen your fancy dress
and wished that we could go along.

But I made the same mistake like every time before!

REF: Don't you lie about your bitchin' past,
Don't you lie about your bitchin' past,
Tomorrow we'll see what will gonna be
If you lie about your bitchin'past,
If you lie about your bitchin'past!

You tell me I'm a cheater, but I know I'm just a fool.
I wash your dirty laundry, I do everything for you.
My friends meet Maitre Pierre
and I meet Mrs. Underwear,
My band enjoys the beat
and I just crawl around your feet.

I have made the same mistakes
like every time before.

REF: Don't you lie ..............
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