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Baby Be Mine

Intro: Baby, I think about you all the time
Now all I ask is for you to be my girl, Do you feel me?

V1: Baby girl don't you know it everything that I say is true
All my love gonna show it ( Let you know baby girl what I feel for you)
In my heart there's a feeling something real that I can't ignore
I like the way you are , are

Pre-Chorus: in my mind you're my girl and I want ya?, if I could make you love me forever
So get into my live want you here by my side, and I can make you feel so right, right

Chorus: Baby be mine, you are the one for me and girl these words are true, girl you're so fine
I'll be you're everything and I'll be waiting, I'll be the one, I'll be your destiny you're always on my mind , the whole night through, watching you, watching you, cause? you're my lady

V2: Everytime that I see ya?, I get chills by the way you move, everythings got a reason ( like the day baby girl when I first saw you), all I need is affection, wish I had some of yours tonight, let's make this last for life, life

Talk Part: Baby, I'll think about you all the time, now all I ask for you is to be my girl, do you feel me?
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