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Underworld - Bright White Flame Songtext

Come with me
To the bright white flame
That you knew by name
And you will again

Take my hand
We're getting out of here
No more time for tears
For the wasted years

No more crumble in the night
No more tears on an empty pillow
Voices out of sight crying hard, running scared
No more tears in teh gloom
No more gurus that I just can't follow
Older than a heart beat
Older than the sun

If I die before I go
This is the way
Older than a heartbeat
Older than the sun

And hands
How she loved those hands
Now she could not stand
To be near that man

So she turned
To the bright white flame
That she knew by name
Now there'd be no pain

I am the river
That goes on and on
On into the sea
It carries you away
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