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What Would You Do Songtext
von Turk

(Turk (verse 1))
Met this bitch named Kitty - around-the-way bitch
A nasty hoe that every nigga done hit
But it's cool, though
I'm in it to use the hoe
To hook me up with her brother - get the dope and the coke
You know (uh-huh), brother-in-law-type shit
Get cool with the nigga then you know I'm all in
Now he breakin' me off, then put me on my feet
But I got this funny feelin' that the nigga playin' me
Ten ounces a week - all the shit at my house
I'ma play it like he playin' - know what I'm talkin' about?
I ain't givin' him shit - my nigga, do somethin'
Heard he was a hoe, so he ain't gon' do nothin'
Kitty say I'm down bad, so I smacked the bitch
She ran upstairs and got on the phone quick
And called her brother, and now he pissed off
What would you do? What would you do, dog?

(Turk (verse 2))
Nigga done plotted
Broke in my crib tryin' to get me - I'm in the closet
Hopin' and prayin' that they don't find me
I got a thirty-eight with only two bullets in it
Two niggas - What I'ma do? I gotta think quickly
Should I run and try to get away?
Should I stay? Try to shoot both of 'em in the head or the legs?
Man, I'm all f**ked up, stuck like chuck, dog
And these niggas really tryin' to bust me up, dog

I swear, if I live through this
Her brother and his boy gon' get killed for this
And I put that on everything - you can believe that
Gon' get all of these bullets - they gotta bleed for that
Playin' with me? Uh-uh, I ain't havin' it
On the for rizneal, I ain't havin' it
Stupid bitches ain't even check the closet
I'ma start ridin'
What would you do?

(Turk (verse 3))
Let my mommy and my brother see the car for the day
Not thinkin' these niggas gon' run up with the K
Lookin' for me - talkin' 'bout I owe them somethin'
Now if they want to, they could whack moms and my brother
In broad daylight - these niggas playin' it raw
Handlin' my folks with the gun in the car
On that dope, so you know that they don't give a f**k
Make one false move, and you know you're stuck
My people scared as hell all because of me
All of these niggas for the last past week
And they tired of waitin', and they wan' do somethin'
Either they get they n's or they gon' shoot somethin'
I gotta do somethin' real real fast
Before it's too late, and I hear that gun blast
Can't happen like that
What would you do?
What would you do if that happened to you?
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Turk - What Would You Do
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