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It's in Me Songtext
von Turk

Mmm, mmm, c'monAh c'mon, c'mon, c'monC'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon, look, look[Verse One]
When I start to spray, clear the way, y'all get knocked
Cause once my thang cock, I then aim and pop
I'm a donkey wodie, a untamed gorillaWilder than will(?), T.C. representer
Known for spinnin Benz, gettin about fifty
Plus I'm quick to ride, and give it to you snitches
I'm a no doubt fella, always have I always will
Uptown fella, young and thuggin plus I'm real
In my blood in my veins it be the way that I be
All I know is killin, murder drama no peace
Young stud nineteen who got off the porch early
I done did it all believe dat, ya heard me
Whoever like testin look, don't you do it
Cause I don't hesitate especially if you blew it
Your set I run - through it, like a mad man
Don't think I won't do it, leave your momma sad man[Chorus]
Look here - it's in me lil' wodie to be the thug that I be
It's in me lil' wodie to wear baguettes on Roley
It's in me lil' wodie to wear - T's, 'Baud's, and Ree's
It's in me lil' wodie - look here - it's in me lil' wodie[Verse Two]
It's in my bloodstream wodie, to be the type that I am
Sold gats split hash take a boy from his fam
Nothin but streets, look - it's all that I know
Knockin you off yo' feet, it's all that I know
Drivebys and pull-ups I'm prepared every dayThuggin as usual I do dat every day
Quick to roast ya, if you're not from round my way
In the middle of the quarter in one of them hallways
Quick to still ya yeah, I'm real I ain't fake
(?), a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape
Put a hole in your thinkin cap, you won't be thinkin no more
Look, you'll be put to napA youngster play it raw raw, and ask you out
Me and my dog Rat quick to run up in yo' house
Yeah I goes out cause it's in me lil' daddy
When it's a coke drought I tote a semi lil' daddy[Chorus][Verse Three]
I'm the one they're talkin about, original Hot Boy
Lil' Turk wodie, run up and get shot boy
With a long gun, I came with fifty rounds in it
Ain't gon' be nuttin nice, when I'm spinnin and bendin
Non-stop cousin, the chopper a fool yes
Get your mind right, that's what it do yesBlood and brains, all over the streets
Is what you see dawg, messin with meI'll do you somethin awful split ya deep
Closed casket you had front you for your peeps
I get up then blast, somebody dyin tonight
Load up the mac, look I'm ridin tonightI disguise like a woman mask over my face
Gloves on my hand no evidence no case
That's how I do it, look, do it smart and smooth
If you don't want my trouble look, better be cool[Chorus]
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Vor 1 Tag
GNTM: Fans wütend über Heidi Klums Entscheidung
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt
Vor 1 Tag
Heidi Klum: Sie machte den ersten Schritt
Turk - It's in Me
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