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MY EYES Songtext

When I stare in your eyes
You′ll be there forever
To watch our life (To watch our life together)
You just like going to Heaven (My heart)
Oh, where are you taking me? (Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah)
I'm fallin′ and I'm drownin'
But you′re takin′ me

One thousand on my feet, stacks spreaded on my seat
Ten thousand on my eyes (Eyes)

Rollie Pollie on my wrist
Gotta make a flight, big day, slummin' no FaceTime
Fifty K, wonderin′ why I'm stormin′ off, no race
Emboldened by the bliss
I was sworn in by a kiss
Late from the country caters
No peacemaker, I sweep up cases
Goin' on a walk with a new suit armor
New suit dead, Bottega, that′s on it
Give me the heat from the sleep, then I harm her
Cupid creep in, sleep with a Hummer
Three time to get me T-T-T'd
Still same phone, AT&T-T
Still givin' news very vividly
Beefin′ up, fuck a beef
Smokin′ on some vegeta-reefer
I need no beef, no cheese (Yeah)
Even when I eat, they cheat (Uh)
Every time we meet, naive

When I stare in your eyes
You'll be there forever
To watch our life (To watch our life together)
You just like going to Heav-- (My heart)

One thousand on my feet, stacks spreaded on my seat
Ten thousand on my eyes (Eyes)

Yeah, it′s mad how it gets so deep
It's mad how I get so hot
It′s mad how you get me by (By)

Tell me, tell me
Tell me, tell me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's me, it′s me, it's me, it's me, it′s me

Look in my eyes, tell me a tale
Do you see the road, the map to my soul?
Look, tell me the signs whenever the smoke clear out of my face
Am I picture-perfect or do I look fried?
All of the green and yellow, that drip from your eye is tellin′
Tell you demise, I went to my side
To push back the ceilin' and push back the feelings, I had to decide
I replay them nights, and right by my side, all I see is a sea of people that ride wit′ me
If they just knew what Scotty would do to jump off the stage and save him a child
The things I created became the mist weighted, I gotta find balance and keep me inspired (Hah)
Yeah, yeah
That shit wild instead I'm a hero
I took it from zero, LaFlame Usain
I run it for miles, this shit wan′t luck
They got me fucked up, I put you on bus and take you around
A couple of guys inside the school, I gave 'em the tools to get it off ground
They say they the ones when they make the errors
Can′t look in the mirror (That shit wild)
Stand on the stage, I guve 'em the rage
No turnin' it down, can′t tame it, can′t follow it
We do in the streets, we do it for keeps
We do it for rights, got fifty-two weeks
This shit ain't for pleasure, I′m comin' to tweak
This shit is forever and infinity
Number eight, yeah, we write it and wrap it around
I take me a bean and i turn to a beast
Brought the crib on a hill, made it harder to reach
Bought a couple more watches, I needed more time
Didn′t buy the condo, it was smarter to lease
And I bought some more ice 'cause I brought in the heat
Made a cast of my dick, so she never gon′ cheat
If I gave you a day in my life or a day in my eyes, don't blink
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