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Moonlight and Roses Songtext

Something in your eyes and fire on the scene
Music in the air and on your lips a taste of wine.
Now the day is leaving and the night is near.
Walking side by side, your hand is touching me so softly.
Let's go for a swim, the water's soft and warm,
We're alone and nothing but the moonlight on your skin.
And the waves are kissing you and the sky is deep and blue, we are in heaven.

Moonlight and roses, your sweet embraces.
I'm dreaming in your arms, I feel the charm that's burning our hearts
Moonlight and dreaming, we're never leaving.
This night will never end. It's made for you and me.

You begin to cry, I'll take you in my arms
And wipe a way the teardrops running down your skin.
Listen to the silence counting all the stars.
See the flowers and the leaves they are falling all around you.
I would like to give a million loving things
But the answer is so clearly waiting in your eyes.
I want you and you want me
And always knew that we would soon be one
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Album Welcome to My Music (1991)

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Tony Christie - Moonlight and Roses
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