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Pretty and High Songtext

She came on the stage
In a dress like the sky
She had painted a sunset
Around her eyes
And all of the people
Were charmed and surprised
At how pretty and high and shy she was
Pretty and high and shy

She at the window
And the prince upon the bed
They were for an hour
Before he said
If she had no place else
She was welcome to stay
But she'd better get back
And she thanked him the same
Leavin' him pretty and high and dry
Pretty and high and dry

The prince was confused
So he asked the magician
The magician arrived
At the answer profound
If she takes off her dress
The sky will fall down
Cause she's pretty and high and a lie
Pretty and high and a lie

I work at the circus
And I sleep with the clown
When I took off my dress
The sky fell down
If the sky falls down
Then we play on the ground
Cause I'm pretty and high and only partly a lie
Pretty and high and only partly a lie
Pretty and high and only partly a lie
The Roches - Pretty and High
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