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Big Nuthin' Songtext

I was on a TV show
That everybody said
Would change the course of my life that night
By the time I went to bed
Tinkling glass and candlelight
Your look of tenderness
I was full of cozy hope
Sweet taste of success

It was a big nuthin'

You don't have to cross the street
When you see me comin'
Too much trouble

So the the love we think is lost
Things that never happened

It was a big nuthin'

Late last night we argued
When you weren't there
All o' my disappointment
Screamed into the air
Just about to fall into
The deep hole that I dug
Saw myself ascending (pretending)
With a shovel and a shrug

It was a big nuthin'
I guess I just never knew how big nuthin' could be
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The Roches - Big Nuthin'
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