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One friday like everyday, I was walking home at six oclock.
I saw this guy standing at the corner of 63rd and Lex.
He was scratching his balls and picking his nose.
He didnt give a shit! I went up to him and asked him,
Why dont you care what people think?

He said to me, Ill tell you lad... It goes like this...
But first buy me a drink!.

I knew a bar, it wasnt far, and I was thursty too.

Now I can drink a thousand drinks you see,
That tells you something about me;
And I guess thats how I got involved in all this insanity.

He said to me, It goes like this: You are just afraid.
Do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want.
Walk the earth without fear and finish your beer.

I gulped it up, I said whats next? .
Let's get some coke and get really recked!

Now, Im not that kind of guy. Im proabably just like you.
But today I was down and feeling blue and it felt like the right thing to do.

He knew a guy, I had the money. I sniffed it up, my nose was runny.
He gave me a tissue, we went outside... I felt so good, I wanted to cry.

Lets go get some girls. He knew some girls, I had the money...
By this time it was already Sunday.

We picked them up and know were back at my place,
I couldnt even recognize that it was my place.

I got my girl and gave it a go and when I was done it was easy to let go.
I felt nothing, but I felt fine. Im alive and Im passing the time.

Who needs to care? Who needs to work? Im just a fucking fucked up jerk.

I knew I was never going back! Lying here on my back... staring at the walls,
Scratching my fucking balls. So this is my story it could happen to you.

Just dont talk to strangers. Just dont look around corners.
Remember to feed your pets. Forget your regrets.

What it all comes down to is this: Its just a bunch of piss. So go and fuck you!
And I'll go fuck myself. And I'll go help myself. And I'll do what I want,
Whenever I want, however I want, wherever I want.
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The horrorist - It Goes Like This
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