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The Freak Song Songtext

The Freak Song

I'm a freak on the run
I'm the freak and I come for you
They say that I'm poor
'cause I ain't got no money

Yes it stands on my hat
On the hair on my head
And the coat that I wear's from the sixties
I'd change it all for you for something in my life some new
Until that day I will be drinking from the words of truth

I'm the Freak

I'm a child of the dark
In a colourful spark
I allways know where you come from
And awake while you sleep
Catch the dreams that I need
In a morning of blue
I have a peek at you

I'm not the teller of a story you are living through
I'm a freak of light a light that I will shine on you

I'm The Freak

Come have a seat
Enjoy the beat
I give you what you need
What you long for

For he's the freak
He can not speak
He's too weak
But he loves you

I'm the freak
Money Money
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The Borderline - The Freak Song
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