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Don't Fit Songtext

Don't Fit

There was a time when a song was a story
The time has come now you need it again
And on the blue fields I was wandering
To tell you how the story should begin
No, I should talk about you and you misery
And how to solve the secret of love
All I can do is tell you how I managed it
I hope you catch it in a lousy mood

I've got the perfect beat, how I go, I did it by myself
No one here to hang around I just did it by myself

Now people laughing at you 'cause your pants are rippep
The guy's too old the girl's too black
And you are talking to yourself 'cause you're lonley now
And also lonley, having a drink
Well, all I want from you is LIFE AND SCREAM FOR PEACE
Just go out on the streets, talk to 25 girls, I'm sure that one will hope for you!!!

I've got the perfect beat, how I go, I did it by myself
Noone here to hang aroung I just did it by myself
I've got the world in my hands so much to understand
And drinking with the pharaos I did by my
Did it by myself......
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The Borderline - Don't Fit
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