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Sunrise Avenue - What I Like About You Songtext

Some days you know it's too hard to look on the bright side
Some days you wanna run from it all, then hide
Sometimes you feel like all that you need is a short break
Some days you feel alone and it's too much to take

Doesn't matter how bad, I know I always have you next to me
Doesn't matter how hard it will be on my heart, I always land on my feet

But what I like about you is that you're all mine
Treat me so fine
Hope we'll always gonna be this way
Your eyes when you smile heal me inside
And you always make a brighter day
When you were all alone I'm down in the ground
That's what I like about you and I gotta feeling
I think you kind of like me too
I think you kind of like me too

Some mornings it is hard trying to smile to a mirror
Some nights are only filled with a cold sweat and horror
These times you feel like you are the worm on a grass field
Hungry birds flying low and you seem to have no shield
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