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Twenty Flight Rock Songtext

Well I got a gal with a record machine
When it comes to rockin' she's the queen
We love to dance on Saturday night
All alone when I can hold her tight
But she lives on the 20th floor uptown
The elevator's broken down

So I walk one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I'm startin' to drag
Fifteen floor I'm ready to sag
Get to the top I'm too tired to rock

Well she called me up on the telephone
She said come on over honey I'm all alone
I said "Baby you're mighty sweet
But I'm in-bed with achin' feet"
This went on for a couple of days
But I couldn't stay away


Well they sent to Chicago for repairs
Till it's fixed I'm using the stairs
Hope they hurry before it's too late
Want my baby too much to wait
All this climbin' is gettin' me down
You'll find my corpse draped over a rail

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Stray Cats - Twenty Flight Rock
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