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My Heart Is a Liar Songtext

Sittin' by myself
Lookin' out a broken window
And out on the street
Crowds of people passin' by
But how are they to know
I'm feelin' so alone
I feel like I could
Break down and cry
Now I know how
Broken heart must feel

But my heart is a liar for you
My heart is a liar it's true
Flames keep on burnin'
Burnin' so high
Never gonna die

Sittin' all alone
Feelin' sorry for myself
I catch my reflection
And I see the kinda'
Fool I've been
But how was I to know
I had to let it go
The only way to make it alright
Now you've lit the flame again

Sometimes I think
I pass you by
But it's just love
Blindin' my eyes
Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
Vor 2 Stunden
Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
Cathy Hummels zeigt Trolls an
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Cathy Hummels zeigt Trolls an

Album Choo Choo Hot Fish (1992)

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Stray Cats - My Heart Is a Liar
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