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Witchcraft Songtext


Are you standing on the turning point
Do you feel everything's disjoint
All your hopes are build on sand
And you're searching for the helping hand

If you don't fear what we're praying
Listen to what we are saying

With witchcraft you can change your world
Holy rites and flashing lights
With witchcraft you can change your world
Rune stones and wizard sings

By the moon bright and clear
Calm and cold shall be night
Everything will turn out right

Just look around and you will see
Somethings are not as they used to be
Sometimes you think, you are too small
But believe me, you can change it all

If you don't know...
With Witchcraft...

Waht has happened hit the best of us
You have seen through all that fuss
You don't need to play this game
Like they die, you can do the same

If you don't know...
With Witchcraft...
Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik

Album Witchcraft (2004)

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Stormwitch - Witchcraft
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