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von Stoned

Disillusioned for so long
But he's still trying hard to get it on
So sure of what was in store
Never really got to know the score
Judas friends knew it all along
But they have such a warped sense of right and wrong
To this day he has no idea
And she's still trying hard to make him see

Never say quit never say die
Never really understood the erason why
Always coming on strong always the jerk
Always been pushed back, pushed back into the dirt

He has tried everything
There is making her much more pissed
After-shave and popping mints
But he's to blind to see the hints
He knows he hasn't got one totally buffed up butt
And with his killer razor specs he does look kinda odd
Longing for a tanned and flawless face
But he can't stand the heat from artificial rays
What's a guy like that to do
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Stoned - Rock Song
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