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Helpless Songtext
von Stoned

The door is closed at night
But that's fine
Cause I really don't want to talk
I sit alone and watch the sky for a sign
Trying hard to remember
What it is i've left behind

The day is out of sight
The light is out
There used to be someone to turn to
But now i've gone astray and lost my way
Trying hard to remember
And I swear there's something I forgot to say

It seems so kind of strange what is heppening to me
I can't believe my eyes can't hide from this beauty
I was so concerned and I thought that I stood firm
But you just caught me helpless on the run

But still I can't forget and never quit
Until my heart is free to roam
I will not disappear i'm always here
Trying hard to remember
And I swear there's something I have always feared


We'd already changed our minds
The day we saw it all rewind
As our feelings perished in th wind
Even though we tried so hard
We can't recall we'll never find
If there's a special place
That's gone without a trace

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Stoned - Helpless
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