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Problem melden

Mye Songtext
von Sparta


I'll qualify this circumstance
Broadcast, renew this chance
Pin hope on this promise

Graduate to a settled score
Projects through mansion doors
Stand up, dust yourself off

It's troubled now by swelling tide
Beached hope and sandstone lies
You're dazed in the moment

This time I'll get it right
You cant defend it, it's predetermined

You know I'll sit at the bottom space
Trace lines in the vacant face
It's all about to change
Small flat in a smaller town
Steal hope to pass around
You're caught up in the memory

Those shores aren't out of reach
Fragen über Sparta
Was bedeutet das ist Sparta?
Welche Stadt ist heute Sparta?
Was ist mit Sparta passiert?
Wer ist der König von Sparta?
Sparta - Mye
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