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Problem melden

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von Sparta

Apathy falls in the ocean
At least we went down fighting
At the bottom of the ocean
This scenery fails calm
Up till now been riding fine
But the curving walls leave me behind
Do you remember the days?
Did you forget those days?
What would the oddsmakers say?
Would the oddsmakers say?

We're drinking on jet streams
Through to
Ideas won't happen
Laid out on benches
Through to
Sink for this reason

If you see through these motives
You'll please report your progress
To the captain, our captain
So he can mark the atlas
Never considered this a prize
But the curing walls leave me behind
Fragen über Sparta
Was bedeutet das ist Sparta?
Welche Stadt ist heute Sparta?
Was ist mit Sparta passiert?
Wer ist der König von Sparta?
Sparta - Air
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