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Rpm, Part 2.1 Songtext

I wouldn't trade nothing for a day like this one
Toy top on the tip just waiting to get spun
Been ever so patient forever for right now
The what, where, why, when, and 'How will it come down?'
What does it all mean? (means)
Everything we have taken for granted
Needs to be replanted in a larger pot
Had a conversation with mother nature about the relations
She said fck em because they get sparked a lot
Is there any precision of making the decisions of which pigeons get to piss
On the walls from outside of the prison?
Honey child would you please set me free?
Remove the blindfolds so that I can meet them and greet them
Hit them with a hammer pound them with a fist beat you face against them
Until you lose your consciousness ain't going nowhere it holds its frown
Keeping an eye on its soul to see what kind of head is poking out
And when the cops come round what I know becomes less
Check the lost and found sneak a peak up its dress
Leave a healthy tip or put the ashtray in my pocket
Cause I ain't never even seen the inside of the cockpit
So I am going to have another all-nighter for breakfast
Open up a head-trip and rebel in the excess
A little solitude small piece of serenity just enough to balance all the
Negative energy, cause people find a way to making me lose my mind
Want to die in my bedroom and never be found
Wearing nothing but my headphones and a cigarette
Watching this cheap turntable go round and round and

Pitch control don't work, the needles are dirty Some of these women say I scream
The words to my songs in my dreams
But I wasn't sleeping for as long as it seemed
Until my wrongs are redeemed, I'll be right
Fingers are yellow from the cigarettes
Sore from holding the pen tight
Handled and justified, but nothing to compare it to
No need to run because it's probably just as scared as you
No more trying to justify the choices
Praise the Lord that she wasn't born voiceless
I'd like to thank all the supporters
And all the bridges over all the troubled waters
And all the mothers that gave birth to control freak daughters
And the kamikaze sheep that walked straight into the slaughters
I'm not mad at you, nah
I'm glad that you had a chance to gather a reason to climb this ladder
Best believe my shell toea match my halo
And I'm on a mission to fix this turntable

And if I could fly, then I wouldn't have to drive
And as far as I'm concerned everything can stay alive
I wear a walkman when I travel
So I can rock the music without the talking and the babble
Cry me a river if you feel that's what you need to deliver
A fistful of how you figure
You could sit there and play with your gum for all I care
I can see through your stare (I can see through your stare)

No (no) I'm not looking for the answers
I just want this song to sound like it's supposed to
If I could get this rhythm to keep it's pace
I wouldn't be so determined to leave this place
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Manuela Reimann spricht Klartext: Steht eine Rückkehr nach Deutschland an?
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Slug - Rpm, Part 2.1
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